Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday morning, time for donuts- #TLLBLND

The world is round, and it tastes great-
Okay I admit it, I am using food to address the travel section of my blog this week, but don't we all seek interesting food wherever we travel?  While having drinks with Kyle and Chelsea last week it occurred to me I have deliberately traveled to several US cities just to try their donuts.  Donuts are donuts are donuts you may say <yawn> they are not.  Maybe the air or water was different, maybe the hotel bed was particularly comfortable, or perhaps I was just starving because too many cocktails took the place of dinner the night before but here is my list of great donuts; and one cupcake mention to seek while on your travels.

  • San Francisco-Bob's Donuts.  They are open 24-hours. Remember those midnight runs to Winchell's?  But these are not Winchell's, no Sir.  Every donut combination: raised, glazed, sprinkles, jelly and a wide assortment of gorgeous pastries are served here.  They are fresh and free of that nasty old fried oil flavor left sour in your mouth.  Thumbs up to their apple fritter, or you could order their one pound raised donut. Actually I don't know if it is one pound but to take it home it will only fit in a cake-sized pastry box! Occasional celebrity sightings too.
  • Seattle-Daily Dozen Doughnut Company. Located a Pike's Place Market, smell the warm sweet air of fried dough.  Mini donuts sold in a brown paper sack by the dozen is a simple pleasure.  Powdered, Cinnamon, Fancy, even the Plain are good.  They melt in your mouth.  OOO...HOT...HOT.  Take some care popping them past your lips as they are fresh out of the fryer <ouch> See I told ya.  A steamy cup of joe is also sold to complete the meal.  I call that a hot breakfast, cause your momma always said, "Start your day..."   However their motto is: "Resistance is futile, eat more donuts."
  • NYC-Doughnut Plant. Yes, they have been featured on the FoodNetwork many times....and this is the reason why!  Ingenious, Flavorful. Fresh. Creative, even ROMANTIC. It is always a challenge to select a flavor.  You must try them all: Lavender, White Peach, Creme Brulee, and their Tres Leches sells out by 10am daily.  I have yet to get there early enough to try one while rubbing the sleep out of my eyes  For you jelly donut lovers their jellies are square so you get a mouthful of jelly in every bite. Now that's Ingenious.  On Valentine's Day Mark Israel makes a Rose Petal glazed donut, complete with floating rose petals. Romantic, right? ( and they're pink)  He uses only fresh fruit and flora for his glazes. That's why they taste so damn good!
  • HONOLULU-Cup-e-Cake Gang.  My son's friend Cassandra has a cupcake business she is developing in her spare time and quite successfully.  You really must "LIKE" her Facebook site to see the photos of the most amazing cupcake creations. There are green aliens, bunnies for Easter, melting snowmen, and one for Tiffany shoppers. Hey guys, it would be fun to hide the ring inside. Er, maybe not if she is really hungry.  My favorite is the garden grown from seed to full fruit.  This site can both inspire your own home baking creativity and perhaps win one of Cassandra's many give away contests.
  • LOS ANGELES-Randy's Donuts. Honorable mention 'cause you can see it from your airplane seat when flying into Los Angeles International Airport and a registered landmark.
  • CHICAGO-When I am in Chicago, I opt for the savory stuff. It's all about "dogs".
Wanna know who consumes the most donuts?  United States has the largest overall annual consumption estimated at 2 billion. However, if you break it down by per-capita Canada consumes 1 billion donuts per year.  With a population size of only slightly over one-tenth the US, my feeling is Canadians need to go on a serious diet-

What is your favorite donut palace? Comment here:
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  1. Love this weekends "food" theme! Great article! Awesome blog Miriam! Keep up the great work!

  2. Shirley, tell us your favorite Donut palace?

  3. Well living in the San Jose bay area I would have to say Stan's donuts in Santa Clara is my favorite. You need to get there kind of early to get them fresh and hot! They will melt in your mouth! Get them quick as they go fast!

  4. I must be one of the handful of people who don't love donuts. I'll eat one if it's offered to me, but I just don't crave them. Having said that, there was one donut shop in East Hampton - around the corner from the Ralph Lauren store - that I made sure to visit each time we were out there. Here is a link to an article that appeared in one of the local papers:

  5. When I was growing up in LA I would go to Randys donuts just because of the giant donut sign. That and the hangover is all I recal.
    Lee H

  6. I do not have a favorite donut place, but I have to tell you... I've been to a couple of donuts shops that I will never ever go back to again in San Jose. They had mold and were quite stale! I find myself going to the same ones! Great blog Miriam! When it comes to food... I'm there! :) Kimmy

  7. Kimmy- I think 'Manly's Doughnuts' worked out for you today.

  8. Thanks for the shout-out! I'm loving your blog! :)



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