Sunday, July 31, 2011

Why Old Navy ?? #TLLBLND

Why Old Navy?
Why not Old Navy?
Can a Louis Vuitton Monogramouflage bag and a Diva-styled pair of jeans from Old Navy co-exist happily without incident in your closet? Excluding additional consultation from a psych-therapist I must officially say yes they can.  I reference my very first article "Haute Couture is nice, in doses"; which states: "Don't drip in labels".  Even a second grader knows jeans are all about proper fit, and fashion is a very close second.  If the hottest jean of the minute fits you like a 1940's shipyard worker with a saggy butt and you must wear a belt to hold them up, what's the point? Alterations are very expensive, get a pair that fits. Well fitting jeans are as difficult to find as the perfect brazier. Hopefully the next paragraph will respond to your quest for the perfect jean. Still trying to conquer that second mystery.  Will update when I find the answer-
Old Navy offers seven leg types, and 5 inseam lengths: petite, short, regular, long and tall which comes in at 36 inches.  Always something to suit your shape, however you may be shopping online for some of these sizes.  My co-workers and friends know I like my pants to fully drape over my shoes AND THEY HAVE THEM.  Guess which length I buy?  As for price, I can purchase 2 pairs of jeans and easily begin saving for that special handbag I have my eye on.  To a house party I wore black Old Navy jeans, black velvet halter top that is older than my adult son, faux pearl necklace and a Givenchy leather bag I picked up at 90% off and had great fun dancing all night.  Interesting thing is...the jeans do not have a visible Old Navy label on the pocket.  Who'd know?  HINT:  Match a scarf to that new bag, 'cause you chose that bag to coordinate with your outfit, right?   r-i-g-h-t ?       
Camisoles at Old Navy are my next favorite item.  Every sweater I own has a color match cami on the same hanger in my closet. (saves excessive hanger space) Great if you are like me and get dressed in the dark.  There are many colors from which to choose, they extend the life of your sweater, and you have a thin comfortable cotton second layer, warm baby warm.  My co-worker Griselda knows this layering trick all too well.   Even better you don't have to completely strip down to your goosebumps when forced to use a "community" fitting room.  Of course camis are great summer wear.  Flash your spaghetti straps when you layer and expose your shoulders in colors to coordinate the rest of your outfit.  HINT:  Coordinate the cami to a great colored belt. Just remember, Louis V and ON co-exist very well together-
Every summer they hold a one day $1 sale on all solid colored flip-flops.  Stay tuned.


Do you Old Navy??  What is your greatest find?-


  1. Yes, I Old Navy.I buy my Grandkids uniforms there. They have the best flip flops too

  2. I really liked your article this Sunday. Thanks for all the useful tips. I have one pair of capri old navy jeans from 9 years ago and they are very comfortable. You sold me on old navy. Rosanna

  3. Old Navy is one of my favorites stores to shop at. I love the email coupons, mail coupons, and the cash incentives for using the Old Navy credit card.
    It's so convenient for me to shop at... I could buy my 2 year old son's outfits, my 42 year old, my doggie toys, and for myself! I love the flip flop sales... I have every color of the rainbow!



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