Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pick A Place and LOVE IT #TLLBLND

American fashion designer Marc Jacobs once said the ultimate luxurious LIFE-Style is travelling with only a toothbrush...give that one some thought.  On the flip-side I am one of those “kitchen sink” travelers when it comes to packing.  Once on a trip to NYC visiting our son my husband and I shipped a box of 12 pairs of shoes to his apartment to avoid luggage overage charge.  Our flip-flop wearing son wears his suit on the plane to avoid packing it.   Sticking to one clothing color scheme will also help minimize the number of items to bring along.   Black and white is a common theme; use scarves, ties, tights and costume jewelry to add color.  Below is my list of travelling essentials learned from past mistakes.  I also recently found if you carry an umbrella everywhere, it won't rain. (Thanks Murphy's Law) 
Tickets/Boarding Pass
Identification, current
Passport, current-Canada now requires one
Photocopies of travel documents/ID, kept separate
List of contact #’s  in case of PDA /cell phone loss
Chargers-cell phone/PDA/camera, etc.
Prescription medication
Language translator guide
Sunglasses, foldable hat
Tourist guidebooks
Bandaids, waterproof
Ziploc baggies for all toiletries
Mini umbrella
Carry headache/tummy meds during flight
Start with largest clothes.  Begin with pants folding them in half lengthwise.  Lay upper half (waist) in luggage bottom, leave lower half extended OUTSIDE of suitcase. Continue to fill with largest to smallest items using least number of folds. Long-sleeved shirts lay flat with arms extended OUTSIDE of suitcase.  When all clothes are layered inside, fold back inside those extended sleeves and leg bottoms over the top like making a bundle.  The video below on extreme packing with give you the right idea. (Thanks Chris)
I heard on the radio this week while brushing my pearly whites-ish, the results of a study on enjoying ones vacation. Around day 2 the vacation plummets to a low point due in part to unfamiliar surroundings.  Enjoyment peaks towards the end, usually the day before leaving once mastering ones surroundings.  Bottom line, get over yourself- IT’S A FREAKIN’ VACATION. Find something new and interesting each day, you just might learn something, see something, and participate in something you never expected.  Have Fun!                                                                             

A final word on vacation travel.  For those who have children too young to select a college or university, locate their future school where you wish to take a relaxing, sight-seeing trip.  In my case I recommend Chaminade University, Honolulu (check out their new state of the art Nursing program) and Columbia NYC (anything)     Thanks Blaze-
NOTE: See my "Essentials" list for FAA-Airport Delays link.  Might come in handy during your travels.




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