Sunday, September 4, 2011

Do You Hear Wedding Bells? Affordable Bridal Dresses #TLLBLND

$1,000.00, $5,000.00...$25.000.00!!
Can you believe the cost of one single dress that is available in one color, and one length?  Forgive me for not being "au courant" (hip) in reality television where everything today must be over the top.  Let's not even talk about the likes of programs such as "Bridezillas" (click). In the world of wedding planning I sometimes scratch my head. Don't get me wrong, I delight in all things beautiful, with imagination and originality.  In fact my home page makes lists of these enterprises that create beauty at a certain minimum price.  Weddings are no less magical because they may be restricted to a budget. Wedding rings until recently did not include precious stones until a major South African diamond mining company told the world this is what you must have to declare your love.  We all delight in that moment where the happy couple takes their very first kiss as Mr. and Mrs., Mrs. and Mrs., or Mr and Mr.  So filled with happy emotion are we that we break out into applause and uncontrollable shouts of good cheer.  At last count I have personally attended 12 weddings in my lifetime and the most memorable were all about a lively guest list, a unique location, a non traditional theme and great dance music. These are all budget items and remember I said these were memorable weddings.
My co-worker Joanne married off her daughter three years ago and her wedding party took a ride on a San Francisco Cable Car in full dress, hair and make-up. They now cherish some really fun photos. (Congratulations Teresa and Brad (click))
A young family member held their wedding in a local museum of modern art. (Congratulations Megan and Tim)

We now have available to us clothing stores entering the Bridal market offering wedding dresses at an unbelievable price.  Here are three shops that you may consider and compare to traditional bridal only retailers:

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J CREW - $295.00 to $2,000.00+
Variety of gown designs.  Full service offerings for Him and entire bridal party along with accessories. Big selection for Bride's Maids.
NORDSTROM - $ $950.00
Variety of gown designs.  Full service offerings for Him and entire bridal party along with accessories. Love these prices.
MACY'S - $179.00 to $249.00
Simpler designs. You could wear it again to an evening gala. Full service for Him and entire wedding party.

MICHAL NEGRIN JEWELRY - Unique bridal necklaces

CUP-E-CAKE GANG - Amazing wedding cookie favors. Order in sets of Bride/Groom, Bride/Bride or Groom/Groom. (click)

All of these shops offer free shipping with a minimum purchase suggesting you could order 2 different sizes to check for best fit.  Read customer reviews on their website from previous buyers before you buy. One-stop-shop for entire bridal party and for most young men this is their first suit and a necessary item to begin building a wardrobe.  You may be on a wedding budget but that does not mean you should not splurge on something special.  Brides may acquire their first strand of pearls and the Groom a great pair of silver cufflinks so that each time you wear them you are reminded of that wonderful day.  I know of one couple after a very simple wedding jointly purchased a gorgeous hand carved antique mahogany dining table (click) as their wedding gift and still enjoy after 25 years together.

Lets be frank-  So many couples today are marrying at a very tender age and if children are in their immediate future, well-.  I cannot comprehend going into deep debt at the very start of their new life. Be creative, have fun together celebrate the day with friends and family.  It's really not just about the dress...



  1. Thank you M. I just realized they will have been married 4 years on the 8th. Time sure does fly, I really enjoyed your article.


  2. I agree whole-heartedly - the dress is fun to have and makes a princess feel beautiful - but it's the beauty inside that counts and the experience of getting married can be done in so many ways with so many budgets - it's the love that matters not the material - the love of the couple, family, friends and most of all God. I love the picture of Teresa & Brad - that's an awesome way to celebrate a new life together! Leslie

  3. I think it is about time Bridal dresses should not be limited to all white...color would be nice and some prints could be very creative!

  4. My sediments exactly! Just have a big party with all of your family and friends and then use your money to travel on a fabulous honeymoon some where! Make yourself happy first not everyone else who are you really marrying when you spend $100,000 on a wedding?Not Mr.Right but Mr.Amex card.

  5. This comment you wrote about weddings says it all!!
    "Lets be frank-..."

  6. Weddings are no less magical because they may be restricted to a budget.

    1. Thank you for your comment "Cheap Vintage Dresses For Women".
      I agree with you whole heartedly, who requires a $10,000.00 wedding dress to have a great life together? Have you visited the Vintage Fashion Expo?



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