Saturday, October 15, 2011

Trick or Treat or #TLLBLND

Halloween to me means the beginning of the holiday shopping, partying and travel season.  I try to add one piece to my collection of Halloween spirit every year. My favorite oldie is still the screaming door mat (click), gotta remember my fresh supply of AA  batteries this year. Pottery Barn (click) has an elegant or chic selection of goodies for your home. Z Gallerie (click) and Horchow (click) has fun stuff too. My friend Shirley who is a self-proclaimed "Bad Witch" will likely buy the Witch Hat Headband at Z Gallerie thanks to her she brought my attention to their Halloween wears.

Trick or Treats was a lot more fun when I was a kid (1960's-70's) ransacking every house for ever-so-good-tooth-rotting candy as long as porch lights were on...we were there!. My most memorable Halloween was when I was 8 years old dressed as a Spanish dancer in fuscia and purple. I knocked on the door of a woman who spoke no english and did not know the custom.  She walked to a closet that was lined with handbags, opened one and handed me a $20 bill. I suppose she thought I was a little orphan.The worst stories I heard back then were razor blades inserted in apples, but who cares, do you know a kid who wants an apple for Halloween?? Today you have House-parties so you gotta go shopping and dress up the house too.

Watching movies on Halloween night is always a great choice while staying up for the little costumed tricksters to knock on the front door. iTunes Horror Movies (click) are available for rent or purchase and Netflix has Thriller and Horror dvd/Instant watch selections in their movie line up to peruse. By the way, this year October 31st is on a Monday that means BEWARE of inevitable traffic nightmares driving home from work. LIFE-StyleMe highly recommends ducking out early.
Take pictures of your "hunt"
I love pumpkin carving (click); and you must visit your neighborhood pumpkin patch and not the grocery store to find your perfect blank orange canvas. Use your own original ideas for a pumpkin carving, they do not have to be traditional themes, some are beautiful (click), show you are a fan (click) and  some are simply not for the faint of heart (click).  Visiting an art supply store such as Michael's will offer "accessories" (click) to your whole theme planning.
Then there are costumes and the field is always wide open. Do anything, be anything, be anyone, wear anything but for goodness sake, please, no lingerie in the office. Believe me, this happens more often then you think!  Make this your new annual tradition: Bake a Pumpkin Cheesecake (click)
Oh and by the way- I mentioned it's Holiday have 71 more shopping days until December 25th.

Share your favorite Halloween stories here, traditions, link pictures in my comments section. 



  1. One of my favorite holidays. I also love Z Gallaria. I have lots of their items in my apt. Joanne.

  2. Yay! It's almost here. My favorite day of the entire year! Still haven't decided what to wear for this ghost and goblin day. Pumpkin carving day is just around the corner.

  3. ...and don't forget my Pumpkin Spice Martini recipe at the top of the page-

  4. I have never been much of a "Halloweener" myself. However, I did love picking pumpkins with my family every year. My mother would dress me and my brother up in this silly, little outfits and take us all over Southern New Jersey to every pumpkin patch she thought looking enticing. I think I am working on Halloween this year, BUT I was reading Martha Stuart Living for the month of October and they have pet costume ideas. I have always considered it cruel and unusual punishment to dress one's pet, but these costumes were just too cute to resist! In fact, on my day off this week, I am going to try and recreate the green dinosaur costume from the MSL pages for my dog Maxine. Stay posted...

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  6. My Halloween tradition is to drive to Half Moon Bay and search for my perfect pumpkins at Bob's Pumpkin Patch. I usually come back with at least 10 pumpkins. This has been a tradition since my daughter was about 3 years old and will she will be 23 years old this September. Wow!

    Each year we carve pumpkins at my parents house. My mom always sends out an evite to all of the family to gather for a pumpkin carving night and dinner/drinks! Halloween is my FAVORITE day of the year as you well know. -Shirley Morris

  7. AMAZING Pumpkin Decorating Ideas:



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