Saturday, November 12, 2011


The title to this weeks' article says it all; it's about RENT and BORROW...or temporary ownership of party dresses. This could be a turning point for some of you when dress shopping for bridal showers, weddings, holiday parties or in the case of my co-worker Jessica a lost weekend with the girls in Las Vegas. Also, when one gets to a certain age, it is likely you may have half a dozen wedding invitations in one year. Between the party dress and the wedding gift: "forget-about-it", you're broke.
RENT-The-RUNWAY (click) is your online party dress shop. The dresses are both long and formal or short and cocktail. Designer labels such as Missoni (really hot right now), Versace and Nicole Miller are just a fraction of the designer labels you will find. For your ease of browsing the website is filtered by the type of event you are attending and rental fee. Rental rates range between $40 and low $200's for a designer dress retailing over $3,300.00. Sizes also range between 0 and 12+. You may select two sizes to try on at home for perfect fit at no extra charge. Not only do you save money compared to purchasing, but you can also enjoy experimenting with a more stylish or exotic look compared to a dress you would purchase in order to wear it more than once. Your order arrives dry cleaned and packed ready to wear.  For your returns, repack your selection(s) in the same box and a pre-paid self addressed return label is included.

My friend Chelsea is a "frequent flier" client with Rent-the-Runway. Here is her personal experience: "I've used RTR in the past for my husband's business school formals, my college reunion, the Tribeca Film Festival, and holiday parties. And for me personally, I tend to only buy designer dresses that I know I can wear multiple times, which means they're usually more conservative and classic. RTR is a great way for me to try designers that are more bold and trendy, fun dresses that I won't feel bad about only wearing once. And I think it's fun to have access to so many different designers for a fraction of the price."

BAG, BORROW & STEAL (click) is equally the same type of business for high end designer handbags. In addition they offer jewelry, sunglasses and wristwatches. Designer names are too many to mention but include brands such as Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Prada. I personally know a few men out there that will seriously look into these bags for themselves. You may browse by bag category such as an evening clutch or tote and rental rates are calculated by a weekly or monthly rate. If you find you are now addicted to rotating designer handbags with your wardrobe you may become a member for a low flat rate and each rental is charged at a discounted rate, over time saving you the membership fee and beyond. By the way-these bags and accessories are also available for sale at a discounted price (click). Pair your borrowed bag and jewelry with your rental dress and your friends will envy your new well put together luxurious look! You need only to purchase shoes.  Shhhhh,it's your secret-
LIFE-Style ME is thinking of trying Bag, Borrow & Steal for the next trip out of town and leave the ones at home safe and undamaged.


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