Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fashion Accessories Let's Play A Little #TLLBLND

Fashion Accessories have the ability to change the flavor of any ensemble. Grab a handful of mismatched pearl strands, layer them over whatever you are wearing and you are now elegantly transformed into evening. I have several long strands that I purchased from ABC Stores (click), huge Hawaiian retailer.

Recently I was browsing the Tom Ford women's department with our friend Greg at Neiman Marcus and a ladies' blouse with French Cuffs jumped out at me as they used satin ribbon tied in a bow instead of traditional cuff links to finish the look. After pointing this out, Greg shared with me that he has used this same creative idea on his shirts for an evening affaire. I now began thinking what do I do with my accessories that are unique to me? Mostly by their position rather than invention. Here are just a few:

I like to browse websites such as Ruby Lane (click) for vintage brooches and I now have a collection of 12 that I enjoy pinning in a non-traditional way. I will add a pin to one evening pump as an accent to an evening outfit. I have pins on my hats. I have a pin gathering up strands of pearls.  My all time favorite is to wear a brooch as a cocktail kills the crowd every time and an easy conversation starter. Gumps in San Francisco has a line of velvet and brocade evening bags that show off your choice of decorative pin. Pins are not just for lapels any more.

At one time I desperately wished for a pair of large gold hoop earrings. Then I realized I could hang a thin gold bangle that I already own on a small gold hoop earring, also already in my collection and VOILA! I have my gold hoop earring I always wanted. I have also been known to hang one earring off another for a long drippy fabulous look.

Small square scarves (handkerchief-sized) are affordable and may adorn your wrist as well as the ordinary knot around the neck. It is a much softer material to carry on your wrist rather a sometimes clunky jingling bangle. Have fun with color and patterns to dress up your look.

Sweater dresses are back in fashion this winter. They are most often created in solid colors and the most common approach to adorn them is to "belt it". I will sometimes use 2 or 3 skinny colored belts (click) and allow them to loosely rest on my hips or twist them to mimic a weave pattern.

Finally, If you like wearing a blazer or fashion jacket for a more formal or professional look and feel limited in your jewelry selection; wear your long swinging necklace(s) on the OUTSIDE of your jacket. I hope you try any one of these accessory ideas and have fun making up your own.


  1. Love this weeks article Miriam! So creative which includes fun ideas? ~Shirley ~

  2. I have no fashion sense, but you really give us some ideas. By the way, I would greatly appreciate it if you could remember me in your will, as I would LOVE to have some of your fashion items! teehee Pam

  3. PAM, Thank you for your comment. I LOVE COMMENTS. Follow my weekly articles, I am a frugal shopper and I love to share my finds!



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