Saturday, December 31, 2011

I Am Looking For A New Addiction #TLLBLND

The end of another year. January 1 is a 24-hour window the same as any other calendar day, somehow we like to take the opportunity to make changes to our individual lives. Those changes are commonly known as New Year's Resolutions.
Imagine being able to magically lose weight, stop smoking, make more money or be a better person with the turn of a page on the calendar. First I have to find my own resolution; I've always wanted one just like I have always wanted to have a collection of something...anything. It might be fun to constantly be on the hunt for my one favorite thing, to attend fairs, browse auctions, scour garage sales, etc. and watch my collection grow proudly on display in my home. I have yet to find the one thing that would occupy my imagination for any extended period.
I have a theory on why I have been unsuccessful on both counts: New Year's Resolutions and/or collectibles. I do not have an addictive personality. Obsession is not my middle name, therefore a New Year's Resolution (NYR) should last me about 3 days, the exact length of time I typically last in a new exercise regimen...never less and certainly never more.
In my office space my co-worker Leslie is amazing. When I posed the question if she plans annual resolutions she said "Yes, I do!". I use the word amazing to describe her because as she says once she finds her NYR she sticks to it for the entire year. I am tired just thinking about adding 362 more days to my very successful 3 days. HA!
Kelly on the other hand; also my colleague in the office, finds her way to a NYR most years.  They are typically in the realm of exercise or diet. They don't always last as long as she would like but is pleased with the result while adhering to it. Kelly, I am pleased to tell you that you are normal in every way on this subject. NYRs usually end for 2 basic reasons:
       *Old habits take over.
       *Goal setting too high.
Our U.S. Federal government even has a statistic on this subject: "Popular New Year's Resolutions" (click) to assist you in your decision making. I was however reminded by Leslie that my weekly blog articles are my "obsession". Ahhh, I guess I have one after all. Happy New Year, Every One!

Tell TALL Blonde's Style your New Year's Resolution past or present?



  1. I never set a NYR. My opinion for them failing is simply "laziness" :)

  2. Thanks Miriam I have to be careful what I say at work, I may show up on a blog! hehe It's actually kind of fun, in reality thank you! You helped me, by talking about it last week, it made me do it carefully - because I didn't used to keep resolutions but the past few years I found the secret that helps - don't make them to hard to do - make them do-able - I have a few that I plan to keep for the year of 2012 and one that I really want but it's going to be harder so I made the resolution to do it every day for 3 weeks - that I can do! Happy New Year my friend and office buddy! Leslie

  3. I am going to take your advice and make a few small resolutions so that they are achievable. Sean



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