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BURGERS - Luv Between Two Buns #TLLBLND

Lamb Burger-The Breslin
Even though I enjoy cooking, trying out new recipes and venturing into unfamiliar cuisines my favorite menu item is a truly amazing sandwich. To fine point this statement, no one can resist a well-built burger. Here are some of my picks you must try:

Char Grilled Lamb Burger, $21.00
The Breslin (click)-New York City-Chelsea
Juicy and served medium/rare to bring out the flavor of ground lamb at its best. Served with a slice of feta cheese, thrice cooked mega fries and a pot of cumin mayonnaise along with a huge steak knife 'cause with this super-sized meat patty your going to need it. As a side note The Breslin does an amazing whole roasted pig, bells are rung when presented and a staff member carves it up at your table for service. They are located inside the groovy ACE Hotel lovingly appointed with great art work and a social gathering WI-FI cafe bar in the lobby. A pricey endeavor,YES-But an unforgettable burger.
Double Happy Burger-The Happy Hound
Double Happy Burger, $6.75
The Happy Hound (click)-Los Gatos, CA
Two beefy, tasty 1/3 lb. ground chuck patties piled very high with fresh lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle and Happy Hound special sauce. Frankly it reminds me of Thousand Island dressing. The sesame seed bun is warmed on the grill giving it a light crispy toast. Caution, you may find its juices dripping down to you elbows. This is a tasty, fresh burger cooked in an old fashioned classic burger stand family owned since 1971. The Happy Hound serves not only great tasting burgers with your choice of cheese, bacon, avocado, grilled onions, chili, kraut or mushrooms; the hot dogs are foot-long and for those looking for white meat their Grilled Chicken sandwich is yummy on a warm french roll. There are Mexi-Burger and Mexi-Hound too for really big eaters. Amazing shakes, floats, fries and classic crispy onion rings are available to round out your all American meal. Outdoor seating is always available and a walk-up window for those "call ahead" orders. My favorite seat in the house is at the counter watching the friendly staff make my Double Happy Burger start to finish.
Double Whopper-Burger King
Double Whopper, $4.39
Burger King (click)-Six Continents
Yes, I said Burger King; hear me out on this. If I am in the mood for a burger without a lot of fuss I enter the drive-through window of my local Burger King and order a "Double Whopper, No Cheese, No Mayo", 'cause I can have it my way. It is served fast and prepared pretty straight forward: 2-quarter pound meat patties, bread and veggies, that's it. Not gloppy, drippy mayonnaise and cheese and has a smooth smokey aroma. This burger always fills me up and I don't feel weighed down as though grease were oozing through my pours. No need to order french fries with this big boy. A single is under 500 calories and still a  big burger compared to many fast food burger chains.
A&W Papa Burger
Papa Burger, $3.29
A&W Restaurants (click)
Some things are great simply because they are a fond childhood memory and the A&W burger is mine. Among the five human senses, scientifically speaking the sense of smell has the deepest memory. When I catch a whiff of and A&W burger I am transported to one of the very few times dad would take the family out for burgers. Mom is an excellent cook and having old world European parents fast food was not on our radar back in the mid 1960's. Back then a car-hop would take your order at your car and return with your order on a tray that would hang on your door with the window rolled down. Did you know A&W was founded in 1919 in Lodi, California? It is my opinion that the drive-in burger joint is a California invention. Today when my husband and I take an occasional trip to Las Vegas, A&W is a must! Their Papa burger is large, juicy and a great compliment to a root beer float. Wonderfully refreshing in the 108-degree desert heat.  I do enjoy a Papa burger when I get the chance; a slice of Americana and my childhood at my table.

I posted the following question on my FaceBook (click) page "What is your favorite burger joint?", here are the responses:

Marlowe-San Francisco, CA
  Michael Bauer, SF Gate
Jack's Prime-San Mateo, CA
  Rob M.
St John's-Sunnyvale, CA
  Rob M.
  Joanne M.
  Emilia T.
BOOBIES-San Rafael
  Lee H.
Kitchenette-Chambers Street, New York
  Chickpea Burger
  Jimmy M.
The Happy Hound, Los Gatos, CA
  Shirley M.
Bare Burger-Queens, NY
  Exotic meats
  Blaze M.
W&M Bar B Q Burger-Honolulu, HI
  Blaze M.
Original Joe's-San Jose, CA
  Rich D.
Red Robin-San Jose, CA
  Kimmy D.
  Rosanna C.
  Leslie W.- San Antonio, TX
  Debra K.
Broken Record-San Francisco, CA
Serpentine-San Francisco, CA
Namu-San Francisco, CA
  Jessica V.
Roam-San Francisco, CA
  Turkey burger
  Chelsea M.
In-N-Out Burger-Dublin, CA
  Chris B.
  Pam C. (any location)
  Leslie W.
  Blaze M.
  Kara M.L. (Annapolis, MD)
Five Guys-Annapolis, MD
  Derek C.
DMK Burger Bar-Chicago, IL
  Scott R.
John's Charbroil-Livermore, CA
  Annie W.
Barney's Hamburgers-SF, Berkeley,Oakland, CA
One, San Francisco, CA
  Arnaud G.
  Greg G.
Cheesecake Factory-San Jose, CA
  Kobe Burger
  Kelly C.
Paia Fish Market-Maui, HI
  Obama Wasabi Fish Burger
  Rolly K.
  Debra K.
Da Kitchen-Maui, HI
  Debra K.
Prime Burger-New York City, NY
  Mike C.
Burger Meister, San Francisco, CA
Bull's Head Restaurant (Buffalo burger) SF, CA
Tower Burger, San Francisco, CA
  Terry T.
The White Spot-Burnaby, British Columbia
  Terry S.
The Ugly Burger-Redding, CA
  Debbie M.
Carl's Jr.-Anywhere USA
  Leslie W.
  Debbie M.
Burger King-Redding, CA
  Debra M.
Smash Burger-Ogden, UT
  Sun Chase
5 Guys-Ogden, UT
  Sun Chase
Strip Burger-Las Vegas, NV
Todd English (Bison burger)-Las Vegas, NV
Dick's-Seattle, WA
El Hamburger-San Juan, Puerto Rico
  Bianca P. "burger aficionado"

Whole Roasted Pig-The Breslin-New York
Leave a comment with your favorite burger joint?: 



  1. Well, my favorite burger is the ones that come on freedom roll (formerly called a french roll) original joe's has a good one. Many of these types made with full condiments and mayo no mustard, are sold at restuarants other than fast food. Normally served with steak frys. No single place.

    My favorite fast food burger is the quarter pounder with cheese. But long ago is was Dairy Bell's deluxe burger. It was a burger with all the condiments, mayo on a regular bun. I don't think there are anymore Dairy Bells around.

    Rich De La Rosa

  2. My favorite hamburger joint was called:

    ‘Boobies Drive In’

    where A&W is today in San Rafael.

    I don’t really remember it as a drive in. It was across highway 101 from
    the Marin County Court House-the one designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It
    was torn down in the mid seventies.

    It had a big sign that flashed BOOBIES at you as you drove the freeway
    towards the Golden Gate Bridge. My wife and I would stop there, go inside
    and order cheeseburgers, fries and a coke. The burgers were cooked on a
    fire grill to order, and then you put on the condiments. I especially
    remembered the thin cut red onions and the secret sauce (catsup and

    Part of my life went missing when Boobies was replaced with a franchise
    same ole same ole A&W.

    Lee H

  3. NYC

    Bare Burger

    -LOCATIONS: manhattan (4), queens (2), brooklyn (1)

    -ALL ORGANIC: (meat, buns, even beer and soda)

    EXOTIC BURGERS: lamb, wild boar, elk, bison, ostrich, panko chicken, cajun chicken, grilled chicken, portabella mushroom, beef, turkey, veggie. all organic

    Burgers are totally customizable but each type of burger meat comes with highly recommended toppings that compliment the respective meat. see menu for examples.

    original location in queens. I've only been to that one. very nice with casual indoor and outdoor seating.

    strong emphasis on organic products.

    one of the best burgers I've had.


    W&M Bar-B-Q Burger

    -LOCATION: Kaimuki (1) on Waialae Ave

    locally and family owned burger joint that's been around forever.

    MUST GET: you're in hawaii so you have to get the Teri-burger. a teri burger is a burger covered in teriyaki sauce. it's a local thing. teri-burgers probably were invented in hawaii and are popular on the island. in their neatest form they come as a burger with teriyaki sauce, mayo and lettuce. they can also be accompanied by typical burger toppings (cheese, onions, bacon, etc)

    all burgers are grilled over an open flame and wrapped in wax paper and handed to you in a paper bag. nostalgic!

    BEWARE: hours of operation are bizarre. lunch time is your best bet unless they are closed that day. they aren't open sundays and i think they are also closed on wednesdays and mondays. something weird like that but i don't remember exactly. we used to joke that if you were craving w&m they probably aren't open. my rule was that if i walked by and saw they were open, i went, whether i was hungry or not. that's how inconvenient their hours are. they definitely aren't open after 6pm.

    no seating. period. it's a walk up. expect to wait at least 15 minutes. especially at lunch time. people go out of their way to come here at lunch and the small parking lot can be a bit of a puzzle for customers coming in and out.


    St. Louis Drive-In

    Down the street from W&M and across the street from st. louis high school and chaminade university.

    cheaper than w&m and more convenient hours.

    LOCATION: Kaimuki (1) on Waialae Ave

    It's a high school burger joint through and through. restaurant is flanked by plastic picnic tables and loitering teenagers.

    MUST GET: the student special #2. teriburger, fries and a drink. BE ADVISED: this teriburger is simply a stale bun with cheap burger meat soaked in teriyaki sauce, mayo and topped with a piece of lettuce. it's divine! and will stain the paper bag it's tossed in with grease before you arrive at your feasting location.

    MUST GET: when ordering a drink do as the locals do and ask for "green river". it's some kind of non-carbonated kool-aid type drink that is colored bright green and cooled with crushed ice.

    CONVENIENT!: it doesn't just serve burgers but it also opens early and serves breakfast. everything from loco mocos, to eggs, bacon, rice, portuguese sausage, etc. during lunch they also have other local favorites like bbq short ribs.

    this place is a classic, local, old school burger joint that will stay alive as long as students are hungry and alums live in the past.

    blaze m

  4. Just tried SUPER DUPER Burger in San Francisco. Their burger is "Build Your Own". They also serve beer, wine and spiked shakes!



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