Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fashion-Spring Summer 2012 #TLLBLND

It's mid-January and by now you would have completed all your holiday gift returns and your more savvy gift giving friends and family smartly gave you a gift card. Now you are armed with a fistful of them swimming at the bottom of your bag, but what to get?
Don't just go out and melt those cards on "sale" items. Have a plan of attack in place and present yourself as seasonally stylish with your new duds. Here are essential fashion items to shop for this Spring/Summer season 2012:
Amazon Universal Wish List
Multi-colored sandals
Simple wide brimmed hats
Orange, all shades
Python prints
Cabernet Red
Polka Dots
Margarita green
Fingernail decorative skins
Belts (click)
Bun hair-do of all types (click)
Fabrics bright and bold, almost clashing colors
Boots-all shapes, lengths & height
Masculine silhouette-man-jacket & drop waist dresses
Eye shadows-colorful and bright (click MAC)
Lanvin Python Dress
This is also a good time to closet clean to make it easier to change direction and have a clear focus. Also to make some room for your new collection and avoid purchasing more clothing hangers. Last week I pulled out some of my more casual items for donation to my local community needs center. It was hard parting with my favorite olive colored cargo skinnies but I had to stay true to my mission. My plan is to lean towards a more classic look this year, although I cannot promise I won't slip off the fashion train every now and then.
Butter London nail skins

Another shopping essential is a method to track all your dreams. Let me share what I use to consolidate all my wish list items. Google Chrome and Amazon have joined together to let you create your own one-stop-shop universal wish list (click here). A small "a" icon will appear on your task bar. Each time you click the "a" the item on your computer screen will be added to your personal Amazon Wish List. These are not only for Amazon items you are browsing but any website you are window shopping. This list may be kept private or public and shared when you have an upcoming birthday, anniversary, graduation or whatever gift giving event you have coming up.  Sharing this list will hopefully diminish those gift returns we all must bear. The list is also printable making in-store shopping easier. My personal Amazon wish list has clothes and shoes, yes- but also dvd's, books, electronics and household items.
Stella McCartney
I have my list set to "private" setting and when I feel that shopping urge too strong to overcome I check my Amazon list with all my own notes and spend a little happy. No need to remember web url's or keep track of multiple website log-in passwords and bookmarks.
Two Lips-Encase
I recently used my Amazon list to order up a pair of black pumps with a super comfy rubber platform sole.

Tell me what item is on your shopping list for this season?


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  1. I love your website. I look forward to reading it each and every week. I am far from a fashion person, basic black is my motto, but it is really nice to see what is in fashion. And you really have a knack for writing, making it interesting and fun! Thanks! Pam.



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