Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow #TLLBLND

This is me-
On December 21, 2011 I made a telephone call to my local salon for a hair cut; the stylist appointment was scheduled for January 10, 2012 at 5:00pm with Marla at Lux Image Agency in Los Gatos..the longest 3 weeks of my life.
The wait felt endless because this time I knew what I wanted and I was ready for the change, a simple bob halfway between the chin and shoulders. About 12 inches of hair length was about to be severed like an old Rose on your mother's favorite bush. In my birthday trip to Paris December article (click) you may recall I fried my hair using my curling iron due to Europe's fortified electricity current. It was time to have my long locks surgically removed.
The last time my hair was this short I was 9 years old in the 4th Grade. It truly is a life changing alteration, I lost my one pound for the new year. Suddenly your face make up no longer looks right, clothing collars are not a bother and my wonderful collection of earrings are no longer hidden. I am crazy about my new "Do" but what about my spouse? 
Yep, this is my hubby-

Sean had a few days of uncertainty towards my new appearance. Truth be told his hair is now twice the length of mine.  By the third night I knew some damage control was necessary. As good fortune shined on me that night we were watching the movie "The Holiday" when I pointed out to Sean that my new hairstyle is the same as adorable actress Miss Cameron Diaz...that was the remedy I needed. Sean never looked back and has had his fingers in my short tresses ever since.
Hair is a funny thing. People with curly hair wish for it to be straight and those crowned with flowing straight locks do all sorts of damage to it to create curls, just ask anyone. Most are never happy. My biggest query has always been what is the correct style to suit my unchangeable facial structure.  EUREKA, I found it! Here is the information you may be searching for to once and for all have direction on the proper hairdo for the "correct" new you.
"You Beauty" has an easy to navigate information site to  plan the right hairstyle for your visage. Square, Long, Heart, Oval and Round. There is even a quick quiz to help determine which one of the five categories you were born with:
Fortunately, I now have the correct cut for my square jaw, Ah. I found this out after the big cut...oh, what a relief it is.
I hope you all have a terrific Stylist to be your hair guardian angel. Here is mine and I highly recommend Marla Coniconde. She is sweet, precise, efficient and an all around great gal. Her chair is located at KRUSH Salon, 106 Royce Street, Los Gatos CA (408) 354.4489.

Leave a comment on your hair stories; either disaster or delight.


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  1. Please please either let me flat iron or french braid Sean's hair!! Love it! -Shirley-



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