Saturday, February 25, 2012

BEER - Anchor Steam Brewery #TLLBLND

I am often accused of writing only to the interests of women. This week I hope to attract the interest of all people. This week is about beer <hic>.

Anchor Brewery better known as Anchor Steam beer is a 116 year old San Francisco premier beer maker that has remained in business after suffering 6 location moves throughout the city due in part to two locations being burned down, 13 years of federal Prohibition on alcohol from 1920 to 1933, and several of it's owners dying sudden deaths.

Our family, like many of our friends are homers when it comes to where we choose to spend our money. Where ever possible, locally produced, locally grown, mom and pop businesses rate high on our list and Anchor Brewery is one of them.

Anchor Brewery is located in the Potrero district in San Francisco on Mariposa Street and the best part of this is they give FREE plant tours. Oh yes my friends, a tour of the 3 level factory and beer tastings after the 45 minute tour. YUMMO!

My husband I recently joined our friends Terry and Laurie for our Friday afternoon tour and a dizzying tasting. It was truly an amazing experience to see the gleaming copper pots in action and at the same time mind-blowing to imagine all the bottles served in America and a few outlying countries all were cooked from this tiny plant in my neighborhood. Their tasting flight consisted of 6 4-oz. unique beers, basically we drank 2 bottles in about 30 minutes. Some of what we were served were traditional Anchor Steam, Porter, brandy-wine styled beer Old Foghorn, a seasonal depending on what time of year you visit and for you collectors Anchor Brewery makes a unique annual Christmas beer. Whoa, I need to eat something or grab a mug of strong coffee before driving home 'cause I am a light-weight. We purchased a case to divide with our friends and the selection we made is the very rich full flavored brandy-wine styled beer named "Old Foghorn". Not for the faint of heart, this will kick your -ss!

We found all the beer samples to be very pleasing to the palate.  Anchor Brewery beers are readily available throughout the United States in restaurants, bars and retail liquor stores. But don't pass up the opportunity to take a tour from the friendly and knowledgeable staff and sample a half dozen for free.

By the way, legend says the "steam" in Anchor Steam beer was born out of the century old process of open air vats on the rooftop of the factory overnight to cool in the refreshing San Francisco fog. This traditional process of embracing the use of San Francisco Golden Gate breezes is still used today. In 1993 Anchor Brewery began making rye whiskey also in breathtakingly beautiful San Francisco by the name of "Old Potrero" and in 1997 Anchor Distilling began making its pot-distilled gin named "Junipero".  We have tried them both and have ordered them in our local neighborhood watering holes.

Anchor Brewery's tours (click) are held two days a week but only with an advance reservation made by telephone. They are booked well in advance so make your plans and stick to it, it is worth the wait.

I have posted a beer cocktail recipe "MICHELADA (click)" on my LIFE-Style ME homepage (click) under the heading of "Sippy Cup" that I encourage trying at your next house party or lazy Sunday afternoon. Although the original Michelada invented in Mexico included tomato juice this recipe rates a 9.3 with 353 votes!



  1. Ummm beer never goes unnoticed! LOLOLOL There are so many things to see here in the bay area that I need to check out. It's funny how people go to far away places to site see and they're own home town has so many places that other people from all over the world come to see.

    1. Oops! that last comment was from me. :) ~Shirley~



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