Saturday, March 24, 2012

For Men Only #TLLBLND

The Stripped Down Model
Life-Style Me says calling all men "Let's start from the beginning."

Kiton Chinchilla Suit Fabric
Have you discovered KiTON suits yet? Forget 'Mad Men', that look is so yesterday's newspaper. Today you need Style, Fit, Color and Balls. Their 1960's Italian inspired "CIPA" line is for every man today who wants an edge in the office and to be noticed on the dating scene, or to show your partner you care enough to look your very best. Luxury fabrics are all they do, there is even a Chinchilla hair fabric that screams Chic! When you are wearing Kiton no one else in the room can top you. You can shop KiTON at Neiman Marcus (click) 

Massimo Demonstrates Tie
A great tie is a necessity to go with that amazing Kiton suit. Add to your shopping list a fabulous necktie from Massimo Bizzocchi (click). Massimo's REGAL Cravatta collection are all handmade in Italy. They use a patented "spine" technology that makes travel packing easy. Pull on the integrated tail and cinch up the tie so it gently puckers. This allows the woven threads to relax back in their original position giving your tie renewed freshness. Listen closely you will actually hear it say "ahhhhh". This method of cinching the tie has now evolved into the latest hip fashion statement. You will however need to share with your friends and collegues where you purchased it because everyone will want yours. Massimo also recommends wearing your tie with the two ends worn side-by-side instead of the the traditional over-under. His idea too. <wink>

DATING-Try the online thing if you like. Here is how to present your electronic profile according to the research firm AnswerLab. Men's attention is piqued based on what they see...for women, it is based on what they read. Be sure to create the correct profile in the direction of which sex you wish to attract. However, LIFE-Style ME also says try a group lunch dating firm such as 'Table For Six' (click), or 'It's Just Lunch' (click). You must eat once a day anyway, go out and meet new people. This is much more personal and lively than a computer screen.  Aside from making new friends some people have found this to be a resource to business network.

Blaze at The Roosevelt
I will defer to the professionals in the business: 'The Art of Shaving' (click). Shaving is not merely a sharp razor and a bar of soap. They promote a 4-step process: Prepare, Lather Up, Shave, Moisturize. Not only do they sell shaving products in their boutique and online, give you step-by-step advice, have great titillating video stories to watch online but they also offer a professional shave in their shop. A great birthday or Father's Day gift idea. We took our 20-year old son to the Roosevelt Hotel in NYC for his first professional shave and he LOVED IT! If you have a monster tough beard my husband Sean strongly recommends KIEHL'S since 1851 "Close Shaver's" pre-shave formula (click) to soften the hairs before shaving, $18.00 1.7 oz bottle.

Mr. Muscles-BEFORE

HEALTH-Take care of your mind and body! Loved ones are depending on you to stick around for a long life. If you are a man following this, or love a man, heed the following warnings. The 5 most life threatening male diseases are:    ...and I share this with love...

Cardiovascular disease
This is number 1, so pay attention. Reduce cholesterol immediately, stop smoking immediately, exercise, eat more fruits, nuts and vegetables. <REPEAT> Stop eating crap, you are not a chimney, get off the computer/couch, eat the right stuff and you know what the right food is.
Lung Cancer
The most dangerous type of cancer that exists because it spreads quickly. You are not a chimney, you know what you have to give up. Second hand smoke is equally deadly to those around you.
Prostate cancer
This is a disease of age and usually is slow growing at first. This is actually good news: Get your exam, (you know the one), catch it early and live a long healthy life.
Depression and suicide
Tell someone who loves you that you do not feel yourself, talk to a professional. Yes, the world will get better.
Call 1-800-273-TALK (8225)
This one is the silent killer. Unchecked can lead to blindness, amputation, heart attack, stroke and kidney failure. If you are frequently thirsty and any liquid you drink is unsatisfying, stop eating junk and call your doctor for a check up immediately.

Mr. Muscles-AFTER
There is plenty of information to be found on this subject. My point is DO IT! If you join a gym, invest in a professional trainer, meet with them once or twice a week. You will achieve better results due to using the proper form and more importantly you will not hurt yourself. The favorite resource among my friends is 'Men's Health Magazine'. You will find much more than health and exercise tips here. Subscribe to LIFE-Style ME and the articles from Men's 'Health Magazine' are on permanent rotation.

Men's Health Magazine only


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