Saturday, March 3, 2012


Girl Scout cookie season will soon be over. Every year during this time I make certain that I carry cash in my wallet before heading out to the grocery store just so that I may be fortunate to find a playing card table set up with those familiar boxes of Girl Scout cookies for sale. I have tried most of the 11 cookies made and by far my favorite is their Thin Mint. Crispy chocolate wafer with a whisper of mint flavoring completely en robed in semi-sweet chocolate. MMMMMMMM-good. I have a soft spot for the Girl Scouts as I was a clad in green uniform and sash-wearing 3rd and 4th grader. The weekend camping trips were the best!
If you are not, or never were a Girl Scout the next best thing to being one is eating Girl Scout cookies. This is their annual fundraiser and cookies are sold only by the individual troops in your neighborhood. Girl Scouts USA (GSUSA) has a handy web tool for you to locate sellers using your zip code:
But did you know the Keebler cookie company; parent company Kellogg, NYSE: K (click), makes and sells three of the top selling Girl Scout cookies year-round for everyone to enjoy?
GS 'Thin Mint'-------->Keebler 'Grasshopper'
GS 'Tagalongs'-------->Keebler 'Peanut Butter Filled'
GS 'Samoas'-------->Keebler 'Coconut Dreams'

If you are a generous blood donor to the American Red Cross then you have eaten a Keebler cookie. Every year Keebler donates millions of cookies to the American Red Cross for blood donors to munch after their pint of life contribution.
My message is not to substitute Keebler cookie purchases for Girl Scout cookies; of course purchase from the girls! These young girls sold war bonds during World Wars I and II. Today on their 100th Anniversary GSUSA has programs to assist daughters of incarcerated mothers connect with them, as well as programs to assist young women who find themselves in detention...and the camping trips are great. Become a Girl Scout, buy lots of their cookies and when you cannot, Keebler will try to satisfy that craving the other 11 months of the year.

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  1. My favorite is the shortbread!!! Kimmy

  2. I think my all time favorite is the shortbread too! Love dunking them in coffee for a healthy breakfast! :) Shirley

  3. In an unofficial Girl Scout poll of their cookies here are the standings of customers' favorites:
    Samoas 33%
    Thin Mint 28%
    Tagalong 14%
    The remaining 8 cookie flavors divided the votes to a total of only 26%.



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