Saturday, March 10, 2012


Do you collect recipes, pictures, clippings?

Do you pin your photos, wish list and dreams to a bulletin board?

Do you 'Pinterest' yet? is a digital bulletin board that you curate by pinning your own collection of interests, recipes, fashion, whatever excites you and even use as your support vehicle in your employment seeking visual resume. You may pin those items you are inspired by, your recommended reading list, a selection of your personal vision. Friends can follow you, you follow others, it's a simple process and wildly successful. Touted as the fastest growing internet site today you must invest a little time to investigate. You will be entertained. Admittedly, there is an acceptance process to signing-up but I assure you it is a mere formality and a nice hook.
My co-worker Shirley brought this to my attention only a couple months ago and I was mesmerized by the quality and beauty of the creative images. Some other fashion-driven share sites are woefully inept, frequent server errors and content is visually uninspired. Shirley says she has tried many food recipes and every time they have delivered on their promise of easy, unique and very tasty. I have tried two recipes and both were excellent.

'LIFE-StyleME' Pinterest account . My LIFE-Style ME blogspot is all about Fashion, Food & Travel and so on my Pinterest account I share personal recipes, what I am wearing today, my desire to live in a fantasy home and my filmmaker friends' latest film creation. I have curated it for little more than a month and look forward to growing a history of my interests.
I firmly invite you sign on and start a bulletin board of your own. Re-pin what you find on Pinterest or upload your own creations and dreams. See how many hits and Followers share your passions.


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  1. Thanks for the shout out Miriam! It's an awesome addiction. :). Love the search bar on this site. Type in an ingredient and bam! A collection of recipes at your finger types. Signed...pinner for life!



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