Saturday, March 17, 2012

Privately Owned Public Open, POPOS #TLLBLND

Redwood Park, Transamerica Pyramid
Privately Owned Public Open Spaces - POPOS
Local government does good; however landowners in some cases prefer you not have access to their secret.

In the city of San Francisco there are 68 downtown privately owned sites set aside and maintained for public enjoyment and relaxation. It can be a well landscaped walkway with bench seating between buildings of an office complex or even a roof-top terrace to enjoy a view with a bag lunch. Imagine redwood trees in the financial center? Below is an beautiful example of a 5-story indoor POPOS when weather is a factor.
101 Second St./ Mission St.
I have visited several of these sights on our regular Sunday afternoon walks and did not know that it was a collaboration between good government and land developers. All research provided by SPUR, San francisco Planning Urban Renewal, non-profit.
Click on the SPUR link to preview all 68 San Francisco POPOS and plan your next lunch or informal meeting: 
POPOS are not limited the San Francisco. There is an iPhone app. for this--> KNOW WHAT (click) 'Google' a major city near you or one would like to visit:

New York 

Ira Keller Foundation-Portland, OR
An unofficial list of the top 100 public open spaces in the United States was assembled last year. Here are the top five:
1. The Circle-Normal, Illinois
2. Temple Plaza-New Haven Connecticut
3. Campus Martius Park-Detroit, Michigan
4. Cal Anderson Park-Seattle Washington
5. CityArt Walking Sculpture-Mankato, Minnesota
TOP United States 100:


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  1. My then fiancee and I used to meet for lunch at the Crocker Galleria, what a clean bright space this is.
    She ultimately became my wife, I guess it worked!



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