Saturday, May 19, 2012


I have been waiting for quite some time to conduct the interview of my very talented makeup artist friend. I am thrilled to introduce you to Rachelle Brianne Morris and her personal history in the world of an aspiring makeup artist.

Rachelle is a beautiful, eager 23 year old professionally trained makeup artist full of energy and passion for what she does. Do not however let her youth translate to inexperience. Rachelle loved the fun and creativity of color and shapes since she was a small child but truly realized her talent in high school when she was "flooded with compliments" and received many requests for her service; her mark of natural ability gave birth to her new found career.
Rachelle has attended two honorable makeup programs to begin this exciting journey choosing to be trained by the very best. Her first program was HEX-Hollywood Makeup Expressions taught by Angie G. Ford, who has worked with Jennifer Lopez. At HEX Rachelle specialized in multi-media makeup, HD (high definition), high fashion, bridal, runway, beauty and editorial makeup applications. Rachelle also enrolled in private intensive training with celebrity makeup artist Kimberley Bosso (click). Voted top 3 celebrity makeup artist in Los Angeles with a client list including: Marissa Tomei, Snooki, J-Woww, Former First Lady Nancy Reagan, Andy Garcia and Justin Bieber; even Disney's Aly and AJ Milchalka.
Rachelle is a true professional when it comes to her amazing cosmetic artistry. She knows the correct makeup application for your eye shape, the shape of your face and your skin tone. She is also skilled in air brush technique, tattoo coverage and tanning that is essential for all camera, television or advertising film shoots. Her talent does not stop here. Period makeup, avante garde looks and even men's grooming must be added to her list of services.
Rachelle was quite proud to share with me how she found her first work as a makeup artist:
"I had always envied M.A.C. Cosmetics (click) and getting my makeup done for prom. The artist who knew my talent told me to apply when I turned 18. Of course which I did that week of my 18th. I had several interviews and application tests, where the 'rule' was in order to work at a MAC store you must start at a MAC counter, nontheless saw my raw ability and hired me straight to the store."
Rachelle's creations are smokin' HOT
LIFE-StyleME: Rachelle what is the most challenging aspect of the job?
RACHELLE: "The unknown, you never know if the vision they (client) are expressing is being brought across the same way I am envisioning it, making every client happy and feeling so good about themselves and exuding total confidence is my number one it can be pretty nerve-wracking ".
LIFE-StyleME: If you could work with one celebrity who would it be?
RACHELLE: "Hands down Nicole Ritchie with Mary-Kate Olson a close second. You know how I love my BoHo chic style and they embrace that style in such an amazing way, I'd love to add to/complete those looks."
LIFE-StyleME: Which Photographer do you most enjoy working with?
RACHELLE: The photographer I love to work with is John Agcaoili who works for DSOMT (Dark Side of the Moon) his own company. He is inspirational and has the most awesome concepts like his "sunkissed" portfolio. He has a way about him that exudes such professionalism and comfort there is no way anyone could ever be shy in front of his camera."
LIFE-StyleME: When you are not working, how do you enjoy life?
RACHELLE: "When not working I love to spend time in Los Angeles with friends in the industry, and when in my hometown you can most likely find me in San Francisco at San Francisco Giants (baseball) games since I had a brief season opportunity to work as Personal Assistant to Allstar and MVP Willie McCovey (click), it was a dream come true growing up such a huge fan. I just can't let SF Giant baseball out of my life, it truly is the one thing that makes me the happiest!."
Rachelle is available to handle all your makeup needs in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Would you like to contact Rachelle Morris to inquire about her beauty services for your night out, wedding party or film production?
Thank you Rachelle for taking time out from your busy schedule to allow me this interview. My best wishes for a successful career.



  1. What a beautiful article. Not because you featured my daughter but for your amazing talent of blogging. You truly found your calling. Thank you for taking the time to write such a wonderful blog featuring Rachelle. I'm so proud of Rachelle and her amazing talent as an artist!

  2. Rachelle, has done Sarah make-up for her proms and she has always done an awesome job!! Griselda Rocha



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