Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lobster, Whiskey & Rock n Roll for Father's Day #TLLBLND

No More Ties For Father's Day
Father's Day for 2012 is Sunday, June 19, and you still have time to shop.

If Dad's closet is cluttered with neckties, grooming accessories and household gadgets from Father's days gone by, you are likely to enjoy these're welcome, no applause necessary.
John Varvatos Soft Jacket
ROCK n ROLL Fashion:
If your dad thinks he is cool and hip but his idea of chill is a tie dye t-shirt and American flag head bandana, for his sake as well as everyone who lives with him advance him to the 21st century and give him some men's fashion from John Varvatos (click). Heavy metal music is part of the John Varvatos genome, John's life is completely immersed with great music and great music friendships; he lives it, breathes it, marinates in it. Therefore his men's only fashions are hip, sophisticated, confident and easy wearing.
Jimmy Paige, Led Zeppelin-photo available for gift giving
If clothes are still a hard sell for dad but still fancies himself a rock n roller, John Varvatos also has available for sale some amazing music memorabilia. My friend Kate F. tells me she buys her dad John Varvatos every father's day and although he knows what is coming his way he is always thrilled with his thoughtful gift. There are nine boutique locations, but promise you will surf their online site and give dad a REAL surprise this year.
'MATCH PRINTS'-Celebrity photos, 1950's to today

The Lobster Net dinner club
Many dad's love to tinker not on their cars, but in the kitchen. This year instead of adding to his collection of BBQ tools, give him something wonderful to throw on the grill. How about a club membership, a Lobster Club. The Lobster Net (click link) has programs to deliver Maine lobster monthly right to his front door for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. You can decide if two lobsters are enough for each delivery or go for dinner for four and you being an invited guest as the very thoughtful child he raised. Yeah, I thought you would like this idea! There are other preparations that are ready for shipping direct to dad from a simple Lobster Roll sandwich kit, or a Colossal  Lobsterbake extravaganza with all the fixins'.
Yamazaki 12-Year Single Malt Whiskey

Japan is not just known for its Sake any more. The hottest bottle of casual sipping is now single malt whiskey from Japan. Made in the Suntory district near Osaka, Yamazaki whiskey is showing up in better bars in the United States. Yamazaki is a single malt whiskey preferred to a blend by whiskey connoisseurs. Their 12-year old whiskey has the following tasting notes:
Body: creamy
Color: light amber
Finish: Bittersweet, dry
Nose: Leafy, forest floor
Palate: Clean, lightly malty
Available for about $45.00 for 750ml bottle (click to shop), there is also a Yamazaki 18 year old single malt whiskey for about $125.00. Dad's office mates and buddies will be jealous of him when he shares on monday morning the great father's day gift he received and impressed by your sophisticated taste.


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  1. Last night my husband I tried the 12-year old Yamazaki whiskey, it is a light flavor and good for entry level "sippers".



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