Saturday, August 25, 2012


Origami Strawberry Cake

A departure from my usual subjects, this week I will attempt to discuss the magical world of napkin folding for your entertaining pleasure. When planning a lunch or dinner at home for friends I enjoy designing an interesting tablescape within a fun theme. Fresh flowers are a traditional accessory to top any table design and beautifully folded napkins are impressive and easy to do with a few simple steps. It's origami with fabric. Ori = "folding", Kami = "paper"  折り紙
$50 Money Lei Necklace
Interestingly enough a prior LIFE-Style ME "How To" article gave you step-by-step instructions on how to make a money lei necklace (click) by folding dollar bills. Today I will try folding cloth napkins.

The "Bishop's Hat" is my go-to folded napkin and a classic. I've been doing it since I was 10 years old.
It was taught to me by a veteran waitress named Dovie. Most of us remember the character Flo from the 1970's-80's television show "Alice"; a sassy, brassy-haired flirty diner waitress. With Dovie, just imagine the same. The following photographs are all the instructions you need to get it right in eight quick steps:
The following You tube video will give you step by step instructions for two more designs for your next party, or picnic for two. Featured creations are the "Holiday Pocket" and the traditional "Swan":


If you feel like you may be fumbling with this new hobby, keep calm and carry on! I had to practice, practice, practice too. Just keep hitting the replay button.



  1. Another great job with you HOW TO videos! ~ Shirley

  2. Just saw napkin holders online at WroughtIronHaven and I'm planning to have dinner with friends soon. Your How To will be a big help. Wrought Iron Haven.



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