Saturday, September 29, 2012

How To Wear Metallics #TLLBLND

How to wear metallic clothing? I will admit I do have my share of silver and gold clothing pieces and accessories. I was even told by one friend named Rod, the liquid silver v-neck tank top I wore to drinks required him to wear sunglasses. If this is what your close friends are telling you STOP- you're doing it wrong. Metallic clothing can be intimidating your first time out. You don't want to look like your are contacting the Mothership or Michael Jackson's stunt double.
Last years' holiday season included Argent and D'Ore and this season they have returned for the fall 2012 season both in high polish and muted metallic tones so you may require some guidance.
JCrew example of Matte Metal Bracelet
When wearing a major clothing piece such as a metal shimmery dress, skirt or pants, even jeans there is little need for sparkly jewelry, let the metal-finish on your clothes act as your accent. But if you must, opt for non-metal necklaces and earrings; even toning it down with a matte or brushed finish on your silver or gold tone jewelry will enhance your look.

Layering is a chic look when done correctly but be wary not to pile on your metal like a fully loaded ice cream sundae. Keep shine to a minimum: Golden belt over a solid colored sweater dress and d'ore heels to complement the belt are fine examples of adding a touch of sparkle. In contrast to my above statement; if your accessory is the metallic, keep the major clothing pieces matte. The rule is: it's one or the other.
 If you still think emulating a Christmas Tree from head to toe is a good look for you there is an appropriate answer. Look for fabrics that have a metallic thread woven in for a glint of sparkle just like sunlight peering through the clouds. Remember you are not a shiny package under that tree, do not wrap yourself up like one.  I don't recommend pairing metallics with satin. I do however recommend velvet. A yummy velvet skirt, jacket or pant is a perfect duo with that glitter tank or cami.  Velvet has a satin patina that plays well with light and will give you that put-together fashion magazine look. A shiny jean that is now all the rage would be perfectly suited with a cashmere sweater.

Leather also has a way of "taming" the fireworks display. Today's fashion designers are very creative in their fabric selections. Jeans are available with a coating on the fabric that gives a 99% accurate illusion you are wearing leather pants for one tenth the price of real leather skinnies. I recommend looking into JBrand Jeans (click), I own a pair of their 912 model and they are fab!
If you still find yourself a little shy about wearing clothing made by Reynolds Wrap but don't want to be left out, a bold shiny necklace can be your first step towards salvation.


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