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Los Barriles-A Family Vacation in Mexico #TLLBLND

April 1999 gave us to a family vacation to a little coastal fishing village named Los Barriles in the state of Baja Sur, Mexico. Thirteen in our group which included 4 kids ranging in age from a few months to age 11. We made the five hour flight from the SF Bay Area to what would turn out to be absolute nirvana. For those of you who fish with a passion this little village may be very familiar to you. It is a sports fisherman's delight, so much so that I posted at the bottom of this article your guide to their fishing seasons which includes yellowfin tuna, marlin and sailfish.

We landed in San Jose Del Cabo airport and had our hired driver pick us up in a van for the 40 minute trek along the dusty highway complete with a stubborn bull in the middle of the road. I thought I was in a "B" movie.
 As I was about to discover this one week respite would be truly the most mindless of rest and relaxation getaways I have ever known.

El Arco, the Arch
To begin there is only one television in the main bar, no telephones with spotty cellular phone service and no locks on the hotel room doors at our Hotel Playa del Sol (click link). The hotel kitchen serves three fresh home cooked meals everyday (included), Forget everything you think you know about Mexican food, this was heaven. Located miles from any really big cities it is a very clean village, I drank the tap water everyday with no embarrasing issues. The natural desert beauty is all around you to just relax on the beach or take a walking tour. There is plenty of fish so rent a boat for the day and share your catch with the hotel kitchen. All Terrain Vehicles are fun for all ages on the sand and the 'Big Wheel' bikes are available for some water fun out on the sea. Take a drive to the lands end point of Baja Sur and see the stunning work the earth has wrought carving an arch into a sandstone mountain known as El Arco.

If you are looking for a little more civilization, you are a 45 minute drive to Cabo San Lucas which is a bit touristy, and 90 minutes to the state capital La Paz. This is a beautiful city with architecture in the classic Spanish colonial style. Plenty of restaurants, galleries and shopping to keep you busy. We enjoyed a great lunch along the marina while seranaded by a mariachi group of talented young boys and girls. The hotel can arrange your transportation. At the end of every day we would take to the sand at sunset and begin to build our evening bonfire watching the moon rise over the Sea of Cortez and watch her shimmering light dance on the gentle waves. My You Tube video follows with some great pictures we took to remember and share fond memories of the little village by the sea:


Mexico has unfortunately suffered a great deal in tourism safety. The US State Department has strongly advised against it. But if you need to venture out into a Mexican vacation, Los Barriles needs further investigation and honest consideration. I can only imagine this is how all of Mexico appeared to tourists in the 1940's when airplane flight became affordable for most and dirty crowded big city streets did not yet exist.

Los Barriles fishing season chart


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  1. This all sounds so great, but would be too much for a short weekend. I think you'd need at least two weeks in mexico to be able to take it all in.



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