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STAYCATION (also spelled stay-cationstacation, or staykation is a neologism for a period in which an individual or family stays and relaxes at home, possibly taking day trips to area attractions. Staycations achieved popularity in the US during the financial crisis of 2007–2010. Staycations also became a popular phenomenon in the UK in 2009 as a weak pound made overseas holidays significantly more expensive. The term was added to the 2009 version of the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary.

After a very busy two months, my husband and I decided on a mini vacation beginning the Wednesday prior to Labor Day holiday. A mini vacation where we stay in town, relax, try some new adventures; also known as a "staycation". Here is a list of what we did-

Drove down to Carmel by the Sea in Monterey County, just south of 17 mile drive (click),
lots of eateries, jewelry stores and the wide open deep blue Pacific Ocean coastline. We toured a few antique shops, an amazing Cowboy store, had an ice cream and saw some fantastic vintage Rolex wristwatches.
  • BURNS COWBOY SHOP (click) If you collect cowboy boots, check out Burns. They only carry the best Lucchese for women and men and will help you create your own custom design.
  • FOURTANE (click) Vintage jewelry is a feast for the eye and Fourtane sparkles at every corner. They have a vintage Rolex wristwatch collection that would compete with any well publicized auction. I will tell you we were treated to viewing two examples of the so-called "Paul Newman" Rolex for those of you officionados.

We live close to a famous doughnut shop on Polk Street, Bob's Donuts (click). Bob's is open 24/7. We thought we would check how busy a donut shop is at midnight. Jumped in the car, drove 3 minutes to Bob's and amazingly found street parking. Were they busy?  Yes, B-U-S-Y! The owner Ann says her destination is where patrons visit when they leave the local watering hole for some munchies.

We have a few friends in the bar/restaurant business. A new concept bar at 761 Post Street, SF opened in April 2012 and this was the week to try Michael's place called "BIG (click)". Bar BIG has an occupancy of 25, 12 at the bar and 2 club chairs, the remaining is standing room only. Beautifully decorated like a musical jewelry box with a billowing red velvet ceiling, box framed walls and half the lighting provided by candlelight. No food, no beverage menu. Instead you are treated to two master mixologists Mo and Brian. You tell them your favorite spirit, some flavor notes and they begin working on your one of a kind cocktail with fresh herbs, fruit and a few well selected veggies. Between the two of us we tried five unique cocktails, each one was fabulous. No outdoor sign marking the place, you have to look for the hanging lantern to be turned on for their hours of operation.

Two years ago we took a trip to Chicago to try authentic deep dish pizza. We went to Lou Malnati's and ordered their tradition deep dish cheese and tomato sauce pie. I guess I am truly a Left Coast girl because this pizza was not for me. We decided to visit Paxti's (click) on Fillmore and make an exception because it was our staycation and ordered their Chicago deep dish instead of our usual combination with everything. I have to say, the next time we order a pizza from Paxti's (pronounced PA-chees), winner of "The Best of San Francisco 2012", it just might be my new favorite.The tomato sauce had a well rounded flavor and the cheese did not sit like a rock on the plate or in your stomach.

Point I am making here is when on a vacation a long distance from home what is it most people do? Try new restaurant, new food, shopping, outdoor adventure, ski, swim, sight-see, etc. Why not do the same at home. If you have not been to a Giants or 49'er game since you were a kid, pack up the wagon and go! However, I have to give a strong warning for there are pitfalls to a staycation. If you are at home in your jammies and your slippies, do not find yourself caught up in stacked up laundry washing, honey-do lists and grocery shopping..that's for amatures!


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