Saturday, September 1, 2012

Power Of One Voice #TLLBLND

The Power of one voice means more in the last five years than ever before. If you are reading this blog article, I am preaching to the choir. You all understand this concept because you too blog, tweet, post, pin, 'Like', share, upload, download and trend hash tags. For the new folks still a bit unfamiliar, the following are two unique accounts on the power of one voice via social media.

The amazing December 2010 series of events in Tunisia (North Africa) with the eventual governmental overthrow from one Tweet demonstrates this theory best. A 26-year old fruit cart seller Mohamed Bouazizi had his goods confiscated because he could not afford the proper sellers' permit. He had a college education but distraught with unemployment, political corruption and public oppression
his frustration manifested itself into self-immolation. His burning body captured on video and supporting tweets went viral around the world within hours. Almost immediately the streets were full of ordinary citizens armed with their newly adopted courage from this young man and unscripted news accounts from Twitter, began to fight back.  Soon Egypt fell under similar circumstances with many nations in the Middle East seeing a similar shift in their political tide.
On a lighter, domestic thread I came across a personal story of a single Tweet from a dissatisfied customer with the lack of service from a large chain bicycle seller. He states that almost immediately he received contact from a reader of his posting offering their assistance. Here is Cord Silverstein's shared story on

There are millions of blogs floating in the wild blue yonder and tens of millions of people around the world reading them. You do not need to curate a blog to have a voice. If you tweet, foursquare, facebook, to name a few, you are sharing with potentially nearly 7 billion people if they all had an internet connection. I always get a little giddy when I read my own blog statistical reports: which articles are popular?, what country are they reading it from?, are they men or women?, what age group? and the wonderful comments they leave behind-

All of that said, someone out there; maybe you, needs to write a book on how to build, maintain and promote a blog without all the growing pains and learning through trial and error. The so-called writer's block will be the least of your worries. I chose to use Blogger as my publisher. I did so not with any sage knowledge. I knew nothing, I know nothing. I chose Blogger because it is a Google product with a stable of supportive media sites. I was hoping to avoid any compatibility issues. It has been 13 months of writing, subscriber drives, some writer's block, crashes, missing files, spam, promotion and way too much maintenance. I am still discovering little nuances to make the entire process simpler. If I had a dollar for every time I said, "I wish I knew that sooner!", I could treat everyone in my office to a Venti specialty drink at Starbucks. Cori T, am I right?...and I am still discovering stuff. After trying my hand at numerous new "sosh" sites that are born nearly every month I pretty much have whittled my way down to the major core websites: Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

I say all this to encourage anyone with a viewpoint on a particular subject to write in the public air space. I want to hear from everyone who has much to say on their favorite subject and needs a kick in the pants to get a jump start towards their own blog; preferably from a size 7 1/2 foot wearing a Prada five-inch pump. I have met so many fun people along the way who now flash their painted fingernails at me as soon as they see me to share their artwork; Laura at Cafe de la Presse, the glitter looks great! To Marina my co-worker, whom I thought had only a lukewarm interest in my stories said to me last week, "Miriam, no LIFE-StyleME this week?" Thank you for your enthusiasm. It meant a lot-

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