Saturday, October 13, 2012

AUCTIONS-Have you tried one? #TLLBLND

Have you ever participated in an auction? I will bet you have. This was the very beginning of a little company called eBay; auction-style garage sale for the masses. Auction style purchasing should always be a consideration when making a buying decision and you can save money, but you must be an educated buyer. 

My husband and I have used various auction venues over the past 15 years . Between the two of us we have either bought or sold clothes, wristwatch, handbags, vintage fur accessories, motorcycle helmet,100 year old
Swiss knives, small furniture, desk, art, hand tools, and tableware. We have engaged with a local auction house, a major US auction house and eBay.

Be skeptical, contact the seller directly, ask may questions, request documentation, know your item, verify the reliability of the seller and check the fees/commissions/taxes/shipping expenses you will be required to pay. All of this said, auctions can be a lot of fun and really get your blood pumping with the excitement of the hunt, the chase and lightening fast bidding.

A small local auction house may have artwork from many local artists, home furnishings such as rugs, dinette sets, dinnerware and lighting, to jewelry and the occasional car. Young couples find this to be an affordable and unique way to furnish their home. Pictured below is a Louis XVI style desk we purchased for an office for $300.00 at Harvey Clars auction house (click) in Oakland, CA. Much more design value and cheaper than the stuff found at IKEA, don't you think?
I have an addiction to "window shopping". I love to look at what's new, and the very, very old. Auction sites online are a interesting place to see 500, 1,000 and even 2,000 year old items. Jewelry is always stunning and furniture turns my head at whiplash speeds to admire the hand applied wood carvings on spectacular furniture. I am sure you can empathize with those similar feelings while watching Antiques Roadshow on PBS. My favorite online site to view auctions is Live Auctioneers (click). They are a venue to facilitate the online portion of a live auction worldwide. Click on one of the live auctions and watch bids come in with rapid fire and each item is quickly snatched up!

One final note on auctions. When making travel plans to a major city, check out what is on preview (display) for an upcoming auction. You might have caught the lifelong collection of personal effects from Kathrine Hepburn, Liz Taylor or Cher. If you enjoy art, you might be able to see an Andy Warhol painting. Sometimes better than a museum, they are FREE and open to the public . Happy bidding-
Marilyn Monroe, by Andy Warhol


  1. Makes me want to go to an auction! Just for the fun of it. Sold some antique china on Ebay a few years back and found that I was very excited to watch the battle of the bidding which kept going up up up! Fun.

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