Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bars, Brews and BIG #TLLBLND

I would never label myself as an aficionado on wine, cocktails or the bar scene but I am witnessing a trend in craft cocktails. San Francisco has the distinction of drinking more alcohol per capita than any other US city! So it stands to reason that our mixologists here in the city are true professionals and creative geniuses.
BIG-San Francisco
No one demonstrates this better than the guys at 'BIG' (click), located on Post, between Jones and Leavenworth.
BIG celebrated their six month anniversary last night with great success. Opened in April only three days a week with no advertising, and no signage. Only an outdoor lantern to signal if they are open for business.
Today you can give your patronage to BIG six days a week. Tiny and beautifully decorated with a red velvet ceiling and most of the lighting provided by candlelight it resembles a twinkling jewel box. There is no cocktail menu, no vodka but an eclectic collection of spirits, flavor enhancers and what I lovingly call the produce section. Tell Brian or Mo what spirit forward flavor you are in the mood for and how floral or savory you like your drinks and TA-DA a magically delicious cocktail awaits your lips.
New York has an entirely different take on the bar scene. Not so much about the drink as the atmosphere. Many NYC bars have a "hook". Something unique to bring you back over any other bar in town. My first love is Fat Cat (click) in the West Village. Live music by local bands everynight, the Latin Jazz is awesome. Fat Cat is a basement bar I am guessing is at least 5,000 square feet complete with ping pong, shuffleboard, pool, darts, scrabble, oh yes and they serve alcohol too. When in Brooklyn Barcade (click) is always on our "must do" list. A large open space with walls lined in 1980's classic video games and pinball machines. The bar here serves craft brewed beers that follow the seasons. The beers are so unique and delicious it is hard not to sample several and discover something new. When at Barcade in the winter I always order whatever barleywine-style beer they have available. Heavy in rich flavor it is a meal in a mug. Then there is Redd's (click) in Williamsburg. A great neighborhood bar with Skee-Ball. With every 300 points you win a free beer...and 300 is not too difficult to achieve <hic>
Not so much a coffee town as locals like to brag, but here is another travel destination for great craft beers. Spend an evening, or day, bar hopping, sampling unique brews with a fresh seafood appetizer as you wander around town.

You are now about to be treated with another terrific recipe from LIFE-Style ME. When I serve this winter concoction it is met with hesitation because there are so many terrible incarnations of Hot Buttered Rum drinks. But this one is the bomb, Samantha, a friend of our son calls it "Good sh*t".

Click on my link for the details:

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