Saturday, November 17, 2012

Holiday Dress Up #TLLBLND

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Holiday season is here, and so begins the season of holiday party dressing. By now you will have already noticed this fall 2012 is the season of sparkle and flash. It's not just for evening wear anymore, day wear has joined in which means it is now very affordable. I recently posted
a 'BUY' alert on my TALL blonde's style Facebook page (click) for the sequined tank tops at Old Navy for $19.00 in a rainbow of colors and patterns. NOTE: please subscribe to my Facebook if you have not already.

Your other holiday dressing option for this season is a beaded skirt, 'All Saints' has been designing these for many years because they do it very well. I recently picked up a beaded skirt made by Romeo & Juliet at Loehmann's for $33.00, retail: $175.00 (Facebook alert too). Wear your skirt with suede pumps and matching colored opaque tights for a soft warm winter look. HINT: I spray all my suede shoes with water repellent purchased at my local drugstore so I can wear them year round. You may also have this treatment applied for you by any reputable shoe repair shop.

If you are purely a denim girl and want to look glam, that's easy. A mini dress is what you need, these dresses that barely cover your cheeks. There are many available styles from your favorite clothing store and very affordable. Once you find the one you love, wear it as a top over a pair of dark, not faded jeans and great pair of tall strappy sandals.

Are you the popular girl who has tons of party invites? 'Rent The Runway' is a great alterntive. Don't buy five different outfits, just rent them from their hundreds of current styles. You will receive by mail two different outfits to try on for best fit and this saves you money too. See November 12, 2011 article for details:
My Silent Partner-OLD NAVY
Need help getting that sleek look you want to create? 'Spanx' is a line that many gals are familiar with and use to tuck in what is tucked out! Last week while browsing my local Old Navy store I came across the same fashion necessity for much less,"My Silent Partner" briefs. Find your local Old Navy and get into shape.
Giuseppe Zanotti Heel-less
Finally if you wear those tall strappy sandals and pumps your feet will need a little tender love and care. Get a pair of gel foot pads and each toe will thank you.

Happy Holidays
from TALL blonde's style.
Drink responsibly with friends-

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