Saturday, January 5, 2013

Where Have All The Colors Gone ? #TLLBLND

Where have all the colors gone?

In the 1950's, single family homes were originally painted in colors pink, blue, yellow and green. As portrayed in the song written and sung by Malvina Reynolds, "Little Boxes", 1962. More contemporaneously known as the theme song to HBO series "Weeds". Today you have neighborhood associations dictating the color of your dull sand colored home, boring landscaping and white window coverings.Do you remember the classic cherry red painted front door-

Where have all the colors gone?

I cannot tell you how many times I will see parked in a row or lined up for a red light four or five silver cars of all makes, ugh. I remember the "Passionate Pink" 1968 Ford Mustang, do you? I just purchased a Volcano Red Toyota Corolla and love it-

Where have all the colors gone?

Fashion for the past 100 years was dedicated to innovation, creativity and color. The men's photos above are not circa 1984; these are men's Spring/Summer 2013. What do we have today? All black outfitting, all day, every day, crying my eyes out from boredom. That is nothing more than laziness. If you are shy or a little unsure about how to express yourself, how about all blue, all brown, or all grey to make your transformation subtle and an introduction that is reasonable to work with? Runway shows are filled with color and guess what you find in clothing stores? Yep, you got it right with one guess-

Where have all the colors gone?

There are those moments where I feel I am on my soap box preaching when asked for my instruction, but the audience is adverse to doing its homework, and why not? If you like what you see. intrigued, or curious; look through your closet and assemble  pairing of tops and bottoms that is not your usual. It's a new year, why not try a new you? I guarantee you will hear positive comments from people that surround you.

Make the colors happen !!

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