Friday, February 22, 2013

Fashion Highlights Spring-Summer 2013 #TLLBLND

It is almost the budding of Spring and another fashion season. Here are the the main highlights of what you should be wearing this season, or at very least an education enough to be conversational.


Braids for warmer months is an obvious choice, this season roll them up to create a textured bun, or weave back and forth like a southern garden trellis, add a few fresh flowers and voila a Garden of Eden and very youth making.

Wedges have been coming up through the ranks that past two seasons and this season they are practically a requirement. Wedges are no longer limited to hemp braided espadrilles anymore, a world of designs and interpretations are represented as closed clog, traditional English tassels, open toe sandals, ankle straps, funky and heel-less. Super-Pointy pumps with a metal toe caps have also been seen kicking it up..don't get her mad, you could really get injured.

If you do not yet own a sleeveless jacket; run-don't walk to you favorite clothing shop. You know what a sleeveless jacket is? They used to know be known as a Vest-OH! You can belt your vest and create a stunning slimming look; ever think about a vest over a sleeved jacket, use similar weight fabrics in complementary colors. a sleeveless jacket will add structure to any casual look. There are even soft drapey designs such as the one from 'TopShop" pictured above if you are not comfortable with a conventional military look. Three more words on this subject: 'Stripes' 'Polka Dots'.

A mix of pastel and neon colors, as well as floral patterns are what is required this S/S 2013 season. Hot Pink, Day-Glo Orange and Lizard Lime for the heat in your wardrobe, and complimentary pastels to cool the flame.I have read that green is still "in" but I disagree. green was all over winter scene. Every store window I have browsed recently has a mannequin paired in bright orange and always with navy blue.

Flip Side reversible jeans at Target Stores
Sequin and beading is in full glory and metal studs are showing up in the mix. The Subscribers of my TALL blonde's style Facebook (click here) page were recently tipped off to the fabulous sequin tank tops in solids and stripes from Old Navy in dozens of colors for $19.99. My Facebook followers also received my fashion update to Target Stores' reversible jeans (click here) They are super cute when you roll up the hem to reveal a contrasting cuff. They have all the usual pockets on both sides, yet slimming and available in a handful of colors. Remember the word CHAMBRAY. Denim-friendly Chambray is showing up everywhere, not just from Ralph Lauren anymore. Dark, light, pinstripe, polka dots, even tiny hearts from Kiton are on the shelves. This is my number one shopping recommendation this week as it is a year round closet staple.

Spring/Summer 2013 is colorful, playful and fun, experiment a little and try one of this season's best mentioned here. Email me your fashion questions and I look forward to making you look more fabulous than you already are. "Living In Luxury, Using Economy.", Miriam Kali-rai


  1. I'd love to see your take on this fall season

    1. Thank you Kim for taking the time to write.
      This fall I have been a bit busy to keep up my articles but I can tell you the WINE color is a big one this F/W 2013, especially when paired with NAVY. Are you in the fashion biz, or a Fashionista like me?



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